Do Not Fall For This Scam

Folks…listen up. Please be aware of this scam and be aware of it. These scams are becoming rampant and just recently I have advised and/or helped multiple customers with these scams. This scam takes place in 2 forms.

1)You may receive a cal from someone claiming to be Microsoft or some other tech company. They say that they can see your computer is infected. Or….

2)You are having troubles and you Google search support for a tech company such as Comcast, Norton, Microsoft etc.

Know that these companies exist that pretend to be the real thing but they are scams. Sometimes they will have very official looking websites with official logos. Inevitably they will want to remotely access your computer. They will run phony tests and tell you that you have massive issues that they can fix for an exorbitant fee. Sometimes they will change settings so that you can no longer use your computer. Here are some tips.

1)Never purchase anything or call any number generated from a popup on your computer.

2)Never let anyone in your computer remotely unless you are 100% sure of who they are.

3) If someone calls talking about your computer issues and you did not initiate the conversation, hang up.

4)If you need to call a service for example Comcast, use a number from a bill or a phone book rather than search the web.

5)If you do have to search the web for information, pay little attention to the search title. Instead, look at the website link and make sure it is correct. For instance, if you want to get to Microsoft for help, make sure that the website ends in

Hope that these tips help and saves someone from being taken by a scam.


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